Artist statement:

The artist is interested in light, shadow, color, form and darkness. This led to the Stilllights project. The colors come from the sun. The images capture the ephemeral beauty of the visible spectrum.

Stilllights images are available for sale or licensing. A few of our favorite images are displayed on this website. Many more are available for review. Please contact us for additional information.

These images are digital files. They can be displayed in a variety of formats, such as a traditional photographic print or with advanced contemporary technology including prints on glass, plastic, fibers, wood, fabric, and transparencies for projecting or applying to a surface. These colorful images and the myriad of ways they can be displayed, enhances one’s experience of the art and the venue in which the art is displayed.

We will work with those interested in our work to provide image(s) in the best format for the intended use.


Images are  ©  copyright 2006 to the present by K Levin /Stilllights

Author: Ken Levin

Ken enjoys photography and capturing light and variations in the effect of prisms and rainbows. He is a talented musician and enjoys life.

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